The Power of Ants

If you’ve watched an ant colony go to work, you’ve seen the strength and teamwork required to get the task done on a daily basis. Constantly on the go, ants are always searching for the next big assignment to support their community.

One ant cannot achieve much on his own but a colony of ants holds exponential powers to build sand dunes, lift objects over 5000 times their own weight and move more than 50 tonnes of dirt every year.

At Eyewall, we also believe in the collective power that exists from human connections.

Transformations are attained through painstaking and tiresome work. Like our researcher’s efforts, progress can often seem frustratingly slow, but it is only through research that new treatments will become available.

By focusing on collaboration to achieve success, every person plays an integral part of the puzzle we are trying to solve. Simply by working together can we unlock the secrets of brain disease and help find cures to give people hope for the future.

When you donate to the Eyewall Foundation, you’re joining us in securing a future where neurological disease is a thing of the past. Click here to make a donation today.

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