Abour Diamond Ring

18 karat yellow gold ring featuring coloured diamonds totalling 1.29 carats. One vivid yellow diamond 0.25 carat, one pink rose diamond 0.27 carat, one...
from $15,600.00

Ant Brooch/ Pin

18 karat white gold ant featuring one coloured diamond and 24 white diamonds totalling approximately 0.2 carats. This Item is available as a brooch or...
Ant Earrings

Ant Earrings

18 karat white and yellow gold earrings featuring two coloured diamonds totalling approximately 0.29 carats and 48 white round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.15 carat. Each...
Ant Pendant

Ant Pendant

18 karat white and yellow gold ant featuring four coloured diamond totalling approximately 0.68 carats.  Each Item is unique and there may be slight...

Ant Ring

18 karat gold ring featuring 1 coloured diamond totalling approximately 0.13 - 0.19  carats and 24 round brilliant cut white diamonds totalling approximately 0.07 carats. ...

Blooms Diamond Necklace

18 karat necklace in white or yellow gold featuring 20 coloured and white diamonds totalling approximately 0.9 carat. Materials 18k White / Yellow Gold, Coloured Diamonds, White...
from $5,400.00
Blossom Emerald Ring Blossom Emerald Ring

Blossom Emerald Ring

18 karat white gold ring featuring one oval brilliant cut pale green rare, natural Colombian untreated emerald of 0.67 carat and 44 white diamonds totalling 0.19 carat....
Blue Sapphire Ring Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue Sapphire Ring

18 karat white gold ring featuring one blue sapphire of 1.48 carat and white diamonds totalling xx carat. Materials 18k White Gold, Blue Sapphire, White Diamonds...
Bud Diamond Earrings Bud Diamond Earrings

Bud Diamond Earrings

18 karat white gold earrings featuring 10 pink diamonds totalling 0.9 carat and 24 white diamonds totalling 0.22 carat.  Materials 18k White Gold, Pink...

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